Words I Use Here

These are all words that apply to the creative process, not your typical vocabulary, but they all apply to what I talk about here.

- Josh


Avoiding all the trappings of performance by hijacking the expectations of the audience and subverting typical ways of performing in order to make a performance feel more genuinely engaged.


A state you reach when you’ve forced yourself against your better impulses to stick to one thing, one project or medium and repress the desires to do all the different things you really want to do. It’s only a problem when we listen to the voice that told us growing up that you’re supposed to stick to one thing. This is also caused when perfectionism becomes tedium.


The state of creation reached through the combined efforts of two people experiencing flow at the same time.  Like collaboration but requiring that the people be present, in the same room with each other, and responsive to one another’s flow.


The feeling of loss in one way or another after devoting a lot of time and effort to a single project. Often related to burnout. The loss is also from losing that thread of inspiration that helps you jump unscathed and inspired from one project to another (in a good way).


The dictionary tell us it’s a person who claims an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge. Wikipedia says it’s A person who enjoys the arts or someone who engages in a field as an amateur out of casual interest rather than as a profession. I’d much rather be a dilettante than someone who is a professional but doesn’t enjoy it.


People who ”generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.” See Puttylike for more info on this.


Same meaning as multipotentialite, polymath & the 90′s sci-fi tech-tinged ‘scanner’. Also interchanged with R.P. 2.0 (Renaissance Person 2.0).


The system employed by a person that allows them to create a work or achieve a goal without too much wasted effort or wasted time thinking over arbitrary decisions, which are often hard to make.


A method of tackling an intimidating or daunting project or task by concealing it’s meaning using a different word. Proxying allows you to enjoy the act of creation by seeing the work not in terms of the expectations of the chosen medium.


The part of you that wants to do something meaningful and great. The part that is suffocated by the demands of the ego. The ego is preoccupied with status, money, safety and above all not standing out from the crowd. I am usually referring to Steven Pressfield’s definition, derived from Carl Jung, who said “Dreams and intuitions come from the Self”

Specialist Envy

The feeling many of us multipods have at one point in our lives, in a desperate moment perhaps, a painful envy of those who accomplish amazing things by mastery, because they prefer to choose only one thing and seem to have a singular desire.



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