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Multipotentiality: Hope For The Dabblers & Dilettantes

7 Nov

The most blissful moment for me recently was discovering a piece of me had been missing for years. Or rather, a piece that was always there, but hidden in the shadows. That piece was the realization that I am a multipotentialite. Thanks to Michele Ward’s page, I found a book she recommended called “Refuse to Choose” written [...]

Why I Am Writing This: Two Spirit-Crushing Episodes

31 Oct

The first spirit-crushing episode of college: When I was a freshman in college on the west coast, after half a year of not taking my class too seriously, the teacher sat me down in an evaluation and suggested I leave school.   My professor, Chuck, asked me “What do you want to do?  What are [...]

Job Offers From Specialist Friends

24 Oct

I am planning on going back to my home state sometime next year.  Since making this announcement, despite the immediate fear that set in, I have also heard some encouraging things from friends who are looking forward to me being back home. And in anticipation of my coming home, people have sent me mails telling [...]