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A Day in the Life of Two Multipotentialites

1 Jan

“I’ll whip up some dip if you wanna cut the carrots.” “Good.  You got nuts?” “I got mixed nuts.” “Great. And what is this, cheese?” “Yeah. Oh, let’s go get a bottle of something, too.” “Nice, should we get two?” “I don’t know, do we need two?  Let’s do one and then another when we’ve [...]

Surviving A Stressful Situation When Only One Person Likes You

14 Nov

Me in my mid-20's

Before I went off to spend the rest of my 20′s teaching English in Tokyo, I had a short stint as a teacher / aid at a school for the mentally challenged.  My particular group of young adults were 18 and had Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even though I had always felt a need to help [...]

Multipotentiality: Hope For The Dabblers & Dilettantes

7 Nov

The most blissful moment for me recently was discovering a piece of me had been missing for years. Or rather, a piece that was always there, but hidden in the shadows. That piece was the realization that I am a multipotentialite. Thanks to Michele Ward’s page, I found a book she recommended called “Refuse to Choose” written [...]