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Do You Know What You’re Worth? – A Manifesto for Nu Music Machine

1 Feb

The problem with musicians is they don’t conceive of what they could be worth. We let others determine our value for us ($1 on iTunes, 30¢ a play on Spotify, or our fans on Bandcamp choose what to pay, including zero). Not that any of us are worth zero dollars and zero cents.  Nor are [...]

Waiting to be Picked: When Making Good Stuff Isn’t Enough

17 Jan

“I’m good so I shouldn’t have to give my work away for free” or “I’m good so I should probably be giving my work away for free.” It’s a bummer, because it’s not even a question of wether you give your songs away for free or sell them.  Selling songs doesn’t even make much money, [...]

Giving Your Work Away For Nothing

27 Nov

For a good long time there has been this idea that if you give your stuff away for free it will find more people, and those people will find their way back to you and if it’s good, then eventually labels will be knocking down your door. Or is that not the way you picture [...]

Am I Really An Album Artist?

10 Oct

I have a theory about albums that they are the enemy of modern dance music. Why?  Let’s start with reasons on why albums are good in general / have existed for so long… 1.  Biggest reason: Sell-ability. People like packages, they like everything wrapped up together, they wanna get it all when they’re really into [...]