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Reaching Mindfulness With a Friend

29 Apr

I am glad to say I’ve known what this is like, but sad to say mindfulness in a conversation with even a good friend is rare. We all get caught up in ego-driven mindsets bent on ideas of status, success, hierarchy and taste. Some people just won’t do it. You can try to help others [...]

A Day in the Life of Two Multipotentialites

1 Jan

“I’ll whip up some dip if you wanna cut the carrots.” “Good.  You got nuts?” “I got mixed nuts.” “Great. And what is this, cheese?” “Yeah. Oh, let’s go get a bottle of something, too.” “Nice, should we get two?” “I don’t know, do we need two?  Let’s do one and then another when we’ve [...]

Job Offers From Specialist Friends

24 Oct

I am planning on going back to my home state sometime next year.  Since making this announcement, despite the immediate fear that set in, I have also heard some encouraging things from friends who are looking forward to me being back home. And in anticipation of my coming home, people have sent me mails telling [...]