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What Is A Waste Of Time, Really?

30 Jun

As cynical as the title of this blog might be, I have grown so used to it that I don’t really feel like it needs to change. Better to say something than nothing at all. While ‘wasting time’ isn’t necessarily the main theme of my life, the question of “What is a waste of time [...]

Harnessing Flow In A Group / Session

25 Sep

What are you actually doing when you’re “jamming”? Different scenarios exist, right? Someone has an idea and starts playing it.   Someone has an idea for how they want something to sound and tries to explain it  (Often in terms of already existing bands, in which case I’d probably not want to meet with that person again.) [...]

Collaboration is Co-Inspiration

18 Sep

or musicians, collaboration comes naturally.  Maybe almost too naturally.  What I mean is we often get together to collaborate and end up just ‘playing in the same room together’ instead of getting truly inspired music made. There’s nothing wrong with that.  Eventually you’ll figure out whether the collaboration is working or not.  Then it will [...]

Your Only Idea Does Not Necessarily Equal Your Best Idea

4 Sep

If you only have one idea that you’re working on and are finishing out of lack of anything else to work on, you ought to step away from it.  Give your idea some space. I know it’s bad advice for some people.  Steven Pressfield might get angry at me, bark at me, saying that you [...]

Time is a Great Enemy / A Worthy Opponent

14 Aug

The enemy isn’t a society that tries to squeeze me into a single-interest genre of human, no, my enemy is time. I’m watching the high jump and thinking “If I were an olympic athlete, this is what I would do.” And I like sports.  I just never take the time to watch or play them.  [...]