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How Do You Put Yourself Out There When You’re Already Out There?

8 Feb

What does “put yourself out there” mean for artists? We make music, something supposedly so intimate and containing so much of ourselves, and we put it up on the internet hoping the public will come to it, so how could we put ourselves out there any more than that? Music is one of the only [...]

When The Internet Is A Petty Place : Find The Cool 10%

25 Jan

The internet can be a downright rude place. I think that’s why we all need real community.  Each and every one of us ought to go out and find our community, somewhere on the internet.  Or make it, if it doesn’t exist. Twitter or Soundcloud aren’t really communities, those are major hubs, multi-Metropolis-sized in members.  Facebook is [...]

Giving Your Work Away For Nothing

27 Nov

For a good long time there has been this idea that if you give your stuff away for free it will find more people, and those people will find their way back to you and if it’s good, then eventually labels will be knocking down your door. Or is that not the way you picture [...]

Am I Really An Album Artist?

10 Oct

I have a theory about albums that they are the enemy of modern dance music. Why?  Let’s start with reasons on why albums are good in general / have existed for so long… 1.  Biggest reason: Sell-ability. People like packages, they like everything wrapped up together, they wanna get it all when they’re really into [...]