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Whateverest – The Heap Of Things That Didn’t Work Out

15 Feb

How do people come up with this? Think about where songs start from. How often do you say to yourself “I’m going to make a song that goes like this…” and then have it turn out that way? More often than not, don’t creative works just kind of materialize? The best ones? And the best [...]

I Was Really A Failure

11 Dec

Like really really really really really really really a failure.  I dropped out of college to make music, but then I stopped making music. Like not even an epic failure, just sort of like a sad, pathetic failure… A real epic failure you could really get behind, like “I tried this big thing and it [...]

Why I Am Writing This: Two Spirit-Crushing Episodes

31 Oct

The first spirit-crushing episode of college: When I was a freshman in college on the west coast, after half a year of not taking my class too seriously, the teacher sat me down in an evaluation and suggested I leave school.   My professor, Chuck, asked me “What do you want to do?  What are [...]