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The Benefits Of Not Sticking To One Genre or Interest

18 Dec

There’s alot of benefit to not sticking to one genre like everyone else seems to do.  Start up two or three names for your work, with different persona.  Then maybe try to merge them all together.  Lay mastery aside for a few hours, a day, for a whole week, even.   Rather, use genres and [...]

Am I Really An Album Artist?

10 Oct

I have a theory about albums that they are the enemy of modern dance music. Why?  Let’s start with reasons on why albums are good in general / have existed for so long… 1.  Biggest reason: Sell-ability. People like packages, they like everything wrapped up together, they wanna get it all when they’re really into [...]

Your Only Idea Does Not Necessarily Equal Your Best Idea

4 Sep

If you only have one idea that you’re working on and are finishing out of lack of anything else to work on, you ought to step away from it.  Give your idea some space. I know it’s bad advice for some people.  Steven Pressfield might get angry at me, bark at me, saying that you [...]