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The Toughest Parts of Making Something Every Day

13 Nov

This guy Ta-Ku inspired me last month.  He did a song-a-day challenge called “50 Days for Dilla” dedicated to the late great producer / beatmaker Jay Dee / J Dilla.  He then went on to do “25 Nights for Nujabes,” and talked about it here on Soundcloud: I felt like emailing him to do an [...]

Surviving A Stressful Situation When Only One Person Likes You

14 Nov

Me in my mid-20's

Before I went off to spend the rest of my 20′s teaching English in Tokyo, I had a short stint as a teacher / aid at a school for the mentally challenged.  My particular group of young adults were 18 and had Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even though I had always felt a need to help [...]