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Dealing With Creative Burnout : What Ignoring Nascent Interests Leads To

9 Jan

I had a post-creative-weekend-come-down. After an amazing, creatively fulfilling weekend with my podcast writing partner, I had a perfectly average day, if not a slightly empty, vaguely depressing one, in which all my pursuits were cast in a different, unappealing light.  I had forgotten how to deal with burnout. People often talk about this, the [...]

Your Only Idea Does Not Necessarily Equal Your Best Idea

4 Sep

If you only have one idea that you’re working on and are finishing out of lack of anything else to work on, you ought to step away from it.  Give your idea some space. I know it’s bad advice for some people.  Steven Pressfield might get angry at me, bark at me, saying that you [...]