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The Toughest Parts of Making Something Every Day

13 Nov

This guy Ta-Ku inspired me last month.  He did a song-a-day challenge called “50 Days for Dilla” dedicated to the late great producer / beatmaker Jay Dee / J Dilla.  He then went on to do “25 Nights for Nujabes,” and talked about it here on Soundcloud: I felt like emailing him to do an [...]

Hiding From What I Want To Do

13 Oct

I wanted to publish this comment a guy named Yunuen wrote after reading a few of my posts, namely this one.  Not because he’s being all complimentary, but because I want to put up my response to him as a post. I realized a few things about myself in relation to the things I really [...]

The Benefits Of Not Sticking To One Genre or Interest

18 Dec

There’s alot of benefit to not sticking to one genre like everyone else seems to do.  Start up two or three names for your work, with different persona.  Then maybe try to merge them all together.  Lay mastery aside for a few hours, a day, for a whole week, even.   Rather, use genres and [...]

Two Tape Decks: Re-Edits & Sampled Music

4 Dec

Old Mac early 90's sound recording program

I started making music when I was 9 or 10.  Back then, nobody would have called it ‘making music,’ because all I did was cut together different parts of a song and loop them by pausing and un-pausing the record button on my boombox. Nowadays, that is music. It’s sort of been that way for [...]

Giving Your Work Away For Nothing

27 Nov

For a good long time there has been this idea that if you give your stuff away for free it will find more people, and those people will find their way back to you and if it’s good, then eventually labels will be knocking down your door. Or is that not the way you picture [...]