We Are Luckier Now

30 May

We have to remember that we are lucky.  Yes, as always, it’s hard to make a living with music or a lot of creative work outside of the forces of the industry and outside the realm of the curated / anointed.  Yet our screens and ears are flooded with more music than we could ever [...]

Reaching Mindfulness With a Friend

29 Apr

I am glad to say I’ve known what this is like, but sad to say mindfulness in a conversation with even a good friend is rare. We all get caught up in ego-driven mindsets bent on ideas of status, success, hierarchy and taste. Some people just won’t do it. You can try to help others [...]

Dear Artists: Knock Out The Middlemen

29 Mar

Or since they are an entity of millions of people that you can’t knock out, metaphorically tell them to fuck off. This is going to sound like a manifesto, probably, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and was too afraid to post it.  Hence the long silence. Which is exactly [...]

Everything Can’t Be Correlated

22 Feb

 There’s a real tendency in modern times to correlate everything. My ex-girlfriend was a devout vegan the entire time we were together, then we broke up and she turned into a meat-eater.  Could you say I was responsible, somehow?  By correlation did I turn her away from vegan-ism, somehow? Of course not. Yet people still draw [...]

Whateverest – The Heap Of Things That Didn’t Work Out

15 Feb

How do people come up with this? Think about where songs start from. How often do you say to yourself “I’m going to make a song that goes like this…” and then have it turn out that way? More often than not, don’t creative works just kind of materialize? The best ones? And the best [...]