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The Toughest Parts of Making Something Every Day

13 Nov

This guy Ta-Ku inspired me last month.  He did a song-a-day challenge called “50 Days for Dilla” dedicated to the late great producer / beatmaker Jay Dee / J Dilla.  He then went on to do “25 Nights for Nujabes,” and talked about it here on Soundcloud: I felt like emailing him to do an [...]

Hiding From What I Want To Do

13 Oct

I wanted to publish this comment a guy named Yunuen wrote after reading a few of my posts, namely this one.  Not because he’s being all complimentary, but because I want to put up my response to him as a post. I realized a few things about myself in relation to the things I really [...]

Everything Can’t Be Correlated

22 Feb

 There’s a real tendency in modern times to correlate everything. My ex-girlfriend was a devout vegan the entire time we were together, then we broke up and she turned into a meat-eater.  Could you say I was responsible, somehow?  By correlation did I turn her away from vegan-ism, somehow? Of course not. Yet people still draw [...]

Do You Know What You’re Worth? – A Manifesto for Nu Music Machine

1 Feb

The problem with musicians is they don’t conceive of what they could be worth. We let others determine our value for us ($1 on iTunes, 30¢ a play on Spotify, or our fans on Bandcamp choose what to pay, including zero). Not that any of us are worth zero dollars and zero cents.  Nor are [...]

When The Internet Is A Petty Place : Find The Cool 10%

25 Jan

The internet can be a downright rude place. I think that’s why we all need real community.  Each and every one of us ought to go out and find our community, somewhere on the internet.  Or make it, if it doesn’t exist. Twitter or Soundcloud aren’t really communities, those are major hubs, multi-Metropolis-sized in members.  Facebook is [...]