☞ Hi, I’m Joshua S Lundquist.

About the title of my site

I was told in college by a professor that “Music is an incredible waste of time” after telling him that music was what I was passionate about.

His words stuck with me, although at the time I knew that he was encouraging me not to get into music, because it wouldn’t pay off, I’ve continued to “waste time” with music and other arts and found it to be the only way for me.

I want to encourage people to “waste time” trying new skills, new ways of thinking and new mediums; to know what you can take away from trying something new.

It turns out wasting time can be an effective use of time.

I encourage artists and musicians to take some time trying new processes, experimenting within their chosen mediums as well as with new mediums.  Not just for the sake of experimentation, but to find more efficient ways of controlling the flow of their creativity via new avenues carved in their brain from these experiments.


Artists need community

This takes work.  And support.  You need people to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.


I’m constantly investigating new mediums and new approaches.  

My multipotentialite nature makes it easy for me to jump from one thing to another and become familiar with it.  I’m like a plate spinner with different skills & interests going all the time, slowly improving in each area.

Disruptive innovation

Creating content in various media that communicates a real, meaningful message.

Feel free to read more about the specifics of what process means to me.

What I do

I have difficulty answering the question ‘What do you do?’  I do everything from design to comedy podcasts to producing music to videos and animation.

And even though I love to be creative, I find equal meaning in helping people in some way.

I want to help people manage breaking into new media, new genres, new software and in dealing with creative hurdles, burnout or lack of willingness to try new things.  I am a veteran of starting from scratch.

Me in relation to music & art

I am apart of a huge community of musicians and producers on Soundcloud.  I’ve been engaging them for some time now, asking them what is it they really want to do with music.  Many of them say they want to be able to make a living off of it, but they don’t know how.

I have become obsessed with this problem.  I for too long cursed the fact that a label hadn’t ‘discovered’ me and that I had to submit my music everywhere in order to get noticed.  For so long I avoided pushing my work, and really putting myself out there.

Now that this idea of creating a community of artists has struck me, I am totally invested in creating something from it.  Luckily, you as the musician or artist have me bridging the worlds between technology and creation, between the present model of giving away music as promotion and waiting for labels, and the future which I see cutting out the middleman.

In the future, the artist will answer only to his fans, and he will see his value in their eyes (which, as I aim to prove, is much more than $1.50 for a song).

Join me…

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