The Toughest Parts of Making Something Every Day

13 Nov

This guy Ta-Ku inspired me last month.  He did a song-a-day challenge called “50 Days for Dilla” dedicated to the late great producer / beatmaker Jay Dee / J Dilla.  He then went on to do “25 Nights for Nujabes,” and talked about it here on Soundcloud: I felt like emailing him to do an [...]

Hiding From What I Want To Do

13 Oct

I wanted to publish this comment a guy named Yunuen wrote after reading a few of my posts, namely this one.  Not because he’s being all complimentary, but because I want to put up my response to him as a post. I realized a few things about myself in relation to the things I really [...]

Success And Stuff Nobody Tells You

19 Sep

NOTE: I contradict myself from one month to the next, either in my actions or my words. So be wary of that fact, that I’m a human who says one thing and then does another while believing something opposite… (See my last post for clarification) At some point I messed up and started putting all [...]

Back From Vacation!

17 Aug

After months of globetrotting on tour playing the music I love to appreciative audiences I am back to write about what I have learned about life and the success my particular brand of logic has brought me, hoping to share it with you! Sound good? Isn’t that kind of the thing you want to hear [...]

We Are Luckier Now

30 May

We have to remember that we are lucky.  Yes, as always, it’s hard to make a living with music or a lot of creative work outside of the forces of the industry and outside the realm of the curated / anointed.  Yet our screens and ears are flooded with more music than we could ever [...]